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Simple Flash Comic EnginePosted by Markham at 1:34am, 2/9/2011 (EST)
File Size: 52.09kb

7|1|2012 - Updated SFCE to version 1.1:

  • Disabled page navigation through scroll wheel. It didn't seem to function correctly in newer browsers for some reason. If you want it, the code is still in the ComicSystem symbol. There's a comment in there telling you what line to un-comment to bring it back.
  • Fixed some big GUI bugs that made the interface end up off-screen with customized GUI sets. The AS3 version especially is now capable of making sure all GUI elements appear in the right places.
  • New GUI element - a page count indicator. You can edit the Page Counter symbol to change the font, or go into GUI Parts and remove it from the last frame without any issues.
  • New GUI Parts set - "Clear," which has transparent buttons that only show when you hover over them with the mouse.
  • Included instructions on how to edit the Preloader Screen symbol. Deleting the black backdrop rectangle now doesn't break the engine (You'll probably still want it, though. SFCE would automatically re-size it to cover the first page while everything is still loading).

The Simple Flash Comic Engine is a free Flash-based system that will allow anyone, no matter how little programming knowledge they have, to create Flash-based comics. Creating comics with this engine is as simple as creating frames in the timeline to act as pages. No additional programming is required, the engine deals with all navigation methods and includes a pre-loader.

Another reason for the engine is to provide an expected means of navigating through the pages. As of now, most Flash comics are self-designed and navigating through them changes between each one. This engine maximizes accessibility by providing click-able navigation buttons, and many sets of keyboard shortcuts, and mouse scroll-wheel support*.
Supported keyboard shortcuts: Left & right arrow keys, Page Up & Page Down, Space & Backspace, - & +, A & D, and Enter & Del/. on the number pad.

While Simple Flash Comic Engine is free to download, use, and modify, you do not have the rights to sell the engine in any form. You cannot charge anyone to "provide" them with the engine. I don't care what you do with the end result. You can sell comics that use this engine, you just cannot sell the engine itself.

Regarding credits and the "Powered By" links: while I would prefer that they remain, they are not mandatory and you can remove them if you so desire. The intent for them is to promote the engine so that others who wish to create comics using Flash can easily find the engine.

Contents of zip file:
simple-flash-comic-engine_mx.fla - AS2-based FLA for Flash MX through Flash 8
simple-flash-comic-engine_cs3.fla - AS3-based FLA for Flash CS3 and up

*Scroll wheel navigation is disabled by default on v.1.1. Scroll wheel support depends on the version of the Flash authoring program that you are using. While the code is included in the Flash MX version, scroll wheel support didn't come around until Flash MX 2004. If you are using the AS2-based MX file in a later Flash IDE, you will want to set the Publish Settings to export to Flash Player 7 or above to ensure that the scroll wheel navigates properly.

Day of the Ninja WallpaperPosted by Markham at 2:00am, 1/13/2008 (EST)
Day of the Ninja WallpaperFile Size: 1.17mb

...and here is the wallpaper that I tried to finish by the 5th of December, but lost due to a program crash. Or, maybe the Sandwich Shop Ninja, being a ninja by nature, knew that nobody would be expect this to appear today? Probably. Ninjas are sneaky like that.

You can click the image above to download a Zip Archive containing all the files, or choose your desired resolution below (Right click and select "Save As"):
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1680 x 1050
1920 x 1200

Worms Armageddon Map Pack 1Posted by Markham at 11:22pm, 6/20/2007 (EDT)
Worms Armageddon Map Pack 1File Size: 184.1kb

3 custom maps for Worms Armageddon. Two are TSSN themed, and the third is the old logo. I made these a few years ago, but never uploaded them here. Now that I have a working downloads section, I can.