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FieldPosted by Markham at 5:07pm, 11/25/2006 (EST)
FieldFile Size: 466.63kb

The frost-covered field next door.

FrostPosted by Markham at 4:58pm, 11/25/2006 (EST)
FrostFile Size: 346.15kb

The frost-covered field next door.

CatomanPosted by Markham at 11:05pm, 11/15/2006 (EST)
CatomanFile Size: 129.56kb

Catoman can explain everything. That's why he supports the tech here at BoogaTech. If your tech needs supported, give him a call - send your call recorded in mp3 format to this email address!

Catoman Sketches 20 October 2006Posted by Markham at 6:30pm, 10/20/2006 (EDT)
Catoman Sketches 20 October 2006File Size: 104kb

Concept sketches of Catoman.

Evolution of CatomanPosted by Markham at 12:47pm, 10/19/2006 (EDT)
Evolution of CatomanFile Size: 59.88kb

Catoman, who originally appeared as a character of my first Flash games back in 2003, has changed quite a bit these past few years. He may still appear in more games, and will appear in a website-exclusive series.

Altered Reality CollabPosted by Markham at 4:41pm, 7/25/2006 (EDT)

The Altered Reality collab I helped out with is finally on the net! It features many different artists and their different styles in a sci-fi themed animation!

Click here to view the Altered Reality collaboration

FountainPosted by Markham at 6:26pm, 7/21/2006 (EDT)
FountainFile Size: 591.28kb

I'm putting this in the Traditional Art section until I code up a photography section.

Altered Reality Collab Entry UpdatedPosted by Markham at 11:57pm, 6/24/2006 (EDT)
Altered Reality Collab Entry UpdatedFile Size: 597.51kb

Since people dropped out of the collaboration I entered quite a while ago, I offered to do another piece for the collab. This file is both parts combined into one. The second half is the older half, which is why it doesn't look as good as the first half. I also don't have the original music file, so there's a small blip in the sound between parts.

Follow this link to see the complete collaboration.

3D Robot Walk CyclePosted by Markham at 11:14pm, 5/12/2006 (EDT)
3D Robot Walk CycleFile Size: 309.19kb

My first 3d walk cycle.

Sketch Book Page - Button BoogiePosted by Markham at 8:33pm, 4/9/2006 (EDT)
Sketch Book Page - Button BoogieFile Size: 90.67kb

Multimedia Project: Kitten CommandosPosted by Markham at 8:18pm, 4/9/2006 (EDT)
Multimedia Project: Kitten CommandosFile Size: 320.33kb

Also from the old files, is the third project from the Multimedia class I took. This is Kitten Commandos, quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever made, and am willing to upload to this website. Before anyone asks, no there will never be another "Kitten Commandos" episode.

Multimedia Project: Button BoogiePosted by Markham at 7:52pm, 4/9/2006 (EDT)
Multimedia Project: Button BoogieFile Size: 63.23kb

This is another old file I found on my laptop's corrupted hard drive. This was the second project I did in a multimedia class I took fall of 2004. The point of this one was to experiment with button effects. Since it was October when we did this, it had to have a Halloween theme.