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Influenza Subtype H4M1Posted by Markham at 8:37pm, 4/8/2012 (EDT)
Influenza Subtype H4M1File Size: 59.99kb

Watch out for the Hamster Flu!

Fanart Fridays: SquirtlePosted by Markham at 9:14pm, 2/18/2012 (EST)
Fanart Fridays: SquirtleFile Size: 272.08kb

Some of my old friends from school have been doing these weekly Fanart Fridays, and I thought it would be fun to join in too. For a while I've had a few dip pens and watercolors, so I decided to finally put them to use and learn how to use them. I think I'm going to avoid using printer paper next time.

This first week, I chose to do something from Pokemon. I played the game a lot in junior high, and my first starter was Squirtle. I can't remember what I named him, though. The only one that I can remember what I named them was a Mewtwo that I named "METAPOD."

I know it's actually Saturday, but my computer was too busy rendering something in Maya yesterday to scan this in.

Banjo ChickenPosted by Markham at 9:00pm, 2/18/2012 (EST)
Banjo ChickenFile Size: 270.36kb

This little guy likes to sit in children's bedroom closets. In the night, he can sometimes be heard plucking away as he watches and waits...

Maya Dynamics: Fire Fluid EffectPosted by Markham at 8:56pm, 2/18/2012 (EST)

The second project in Intro to 3D Animation was to experiment with Maya's Dynamics effects engine.

Lego AnimationPosted by Markham at 7:41pm, 2/18/2012 (EST)
Lego Animation

My first project in Intro to 3D Animation. We were to take the Lego minifig that we modeled way back in Intro to 3D and do a keyframe animation in Maya.

Comrade BearzookaPosted by Markham at 2:26pm, 1/23/2012 (EST)
Comrade BearzookaFile Size: 232.67kb

Like Ursaw Major and Ursaw Minor, Comrade Bearsaw also made the transition to 3D, but with a few improvements along the way.

Ursaw Major & Ursaw MinorPosted by Markham at 4:09pm, 1/11/2012 (EST)
Ursaw Major & Ursaw MinorFile Size: 226.96kb

A 3D-modeled version of the "vinyl toy" project I had for a class, where we had to pick a theme for a vinyl toy and design one over the week. The theme we chose was "disturbed circus."

Thus, Ursaw Major and Ursaw Minor.

3D Still-Life Project - Scene 1Posted by Markham at 2:32am, 12/27/2011 (EST)
3D Still-Life Project - Scene 1File Size: 282.47kb

This is the first of a pair of still-life images I had to make for an intermediate 3D class at school. The only requirements were that there be about 12 objects, made in Maya and Mudbox, arraigned differently for two images. This was our project for the entire semester. The second image isn't currently finished to a point I'm happy with. I've been having a certain rendering issue that I still need to deal with (something caused rendering time to jump from 1-2 hours to 24+ hours...), but I ran out of time before I had to leave for the break.

The vinyl toys have made another comeback, and the third one has received a much-needed revision and has become Comrade Bearzooka.

December UpdatePosted by Markham at 2:07am, 12/27/2011 (EST)

And it's been another two months since the last update. I've survived another semester at BYU and made the trip back home for Christmas break. I'll likely be more active next year now that I've got all my reading-heavy general ed. requirement classes out of the way.

With the new-found extra time I've had this last week, I was able to code up another new feature for my blog/website that other blogs have had for some time now. This time I've added the feature where if you post a large image, you can size it small and have it show a larger size when somebody clicks the image:

While there are "free" solutions that I could have used, I didn't want to deal with all the licensing issues and extraneous features I don't need, so I wrote my own from scratch. Right now, it automatically works on images I've posted in news posts that I've set to smaller sizes (I don't think I've posted any before now) and on all image posts that are wider than the template's 700px limit, like this one.

I think most of the bugs have been worked out by now, though I still need to do more testing. It works correctly (afaik) on Chrome and Firefox browsers, but I haven't tested Internet Explorer 9, IE 7 & 8 kind of work, and IE 6 just directs the browser window to the image when you click it instead. Bugs in IE 8 and older were expected, though, and there's not much I can do about that. If you're using one of them right now, I'm sure you're used to this kind of stuff anyways.

I've got one more image to post, and I think that will be it for updates this year.

Gesture Drawings - Fall 2011Posted by Markham at 1:02am, 11/9/2011 (EST)
Gesture Drawings - Fall 2011File Size: 332.34kb

These are various gesture drawings I made during the BYU Animation Club's weekly Wednesday-night gesture-drawing sessions.

Coyote the TricksterPosted by Markham at 3:05am, 9/26/2011 (EDT)
Coyote the TricksterFile Size: 68.58kb

This was an exercise in design I chose to do outside of class. The prompt was to create a fairy-tale character, and I decided to go with Coyote from Native American lore. My aim was to imitate the Tlingit art style and try to define a 3-dimensional form with it.

Recent HappeningsPosted by Markham at 9:46pm, 9/25/2011 (EDT)

Hello, it's been a while since my last post. A few things have happened since then. School has started back up again, and I was accepted into the Brigham Young University's animation program. I have a couple classes with projects that I'll be able to post up this semester, and I want to get into the habit of posting some of my sketchbook stuff more often.

I've also been trying to find work, though I don't think it helps that most of my past job locations don't even exist any more. Putting phone numbers on the application doesn't help when their disconnected or go to a different place now. I think one of them goes to some guy's house. It also doesn't help that I'm competing with actual computer-science majors for a lot of them. If anyone wants to commission artwork from me, just send me an email with a few details of what you want and I'll get back to you with a price to negotiate with.

I've also done a little re-organization on this site. A few pointless pages have been removed, the Content page has been removed in favor of just having it's categories moved to the main menu on the side. I've also fixed a few broken links. And by "a few," I mean the entire "Links" page was creating dud links.