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Still WorkingPosted by Markham at 4:00pm, 2/21/2010 (EST)

I'm still working on the games whenever I can. Here's a list of what's left to finish in 60 Seconds to Deliver:

  • Air attacks
  • Ground attacks
  • Enemies
  • Building variety
  • Game background
  • Introduction cutscene animation
  • End sequence and game over screen
  • Difficulty levels
  • Music
Sketches - Janurary to Feb. 3, 2010Posted by Markham at 2:31pm, 2/4/2010 (EST)
Sketches - Janurary to Feb. 3, 2010File Size: 384.57kb

A selection of gesture drawings from January and the beginning of February. I started with a micro-point Uniball and switched to a Pitt brush pen later on. Drawing time ranges from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Flicker Mod for FlixelPosted by Markham at 5:48am, 12/23/2009 (EST)

This is a demonstration of a flicker modification I made to Flixel. The direct link to the mod details and directions to apply the mod can be found here.

Happy Day of the Ninja!Posted by Markham at 7:32pm, 12/5/2009 (EST)
60 Seconds to Deliver

Happy Day of the Ninja! Today's announcement is the revelation of my latest project, "60 Seconds to Deliver!" I started this at the beginning of my Thanksgiving break, and made quite a bit of progress just over the last week-and-a-half!

This time I'm trying out the Flixel engine for Flash, which allows me to quickly get a functioning prototype and put more focus on the visual design earlier on in the development process. At the rate this is going, I actually hope to have this finished in two or three weeks.

Other projects, such as Bridges of the Mertynn, have not been abandoned, and will be returned to after this is finished.

Sketchbook GesturesPosted by Markham at 7:40pm, 11/5/2009 (EST)
Sketchbook GesturesFile Size: 167.44kb

A selection of gesture drawings from my sketchbook.

October UpdatesPosted by Markham at 6:11pm, 10/22/2009 (EDT)

So apparantly I had forgotten about the nasty message the last file version of The Sandwich Shop Ninja gives when it detects that it's not on the right server, and it had been giving that message ever since I merged the TSSN website with the main BoogaTech website. It should be playing correctly now.

Bridges of the Mertynn has been coming along gradually in the free time I've had alongside school. The List has been updating as I progress, and I'm getting closer to getting the game engine finished so that I can start getting levels and tile sets done.

I'll probably take a break from working on Bridges in November so that I can get something out for the International Day of the Ninja on December 5th.

Band SpiritPosted by Markham at 5:54pm, 9/10/2009 (EDT)
Band SpiritFile Size: 130.35kb

Tee shirt design for the Del Oro High School Marching Band. The theme for this year's field show was "The Congo," and I was shown various elements they wanted to incorporate in the design.

Statue "Freedom Spirit" by Stacey Kitchell (along with various band-related 'props') used as reference.

Bridges of the Mertynn PreviewPosted by Markham at 3:20pm, 8/28/2009 (EDT)

I wanted to show this video a week and a half ago, but a few things came up, such as moving to a new apartment for school, working on other small projects that needed to be done, and dealing with video codec issues.

Canyon BridgePosted by Markham at 2:06pm, 8/7/2009 (EDT)
Canyon BridgeFile Size: 332.18kb

Concept art for an old game project of mine.

Game Progress and Comic-ConPosted by Markham at 3:25am, 7/14/2009 (EDT)
Bridges of the Mertynn

Still making progress on my game project. The graphics are turning out nicely, though what you see is scaled down to about 75% so that it will fit in this little box thing. Drawing all those trees and grass is surprisingly time-consuming, though. It's definitely easier to draw them from a side-on perspective rather than a top-down.

Next week is the San Diego Comic-Con. This will be the second time I've gone. I leave early Thursday morning for an 11-hour drive, check in to the hotel, and hopefully get on the tram going towards the convention center and not the one that's going to the Mexico border.

Last month's search engine queries were unfortunately more of the same, for the most part. Just lost people looking for sandwitches, sandwishes, and a "ninjasandwich" stood out from the countless people on the search for sub shop designs.

The Elementary School NinjaPosted by Markham at 2:15pm, 7/1/2009 (EDT)
The Elementary School NinjaFile Size: 164.77kb

Could this be a start of a new spin-off series of the ninja in his younger years?


RSS/Site UpdatesPosted by Markham at 2:38am, 6/17/2009 (EDT)

Various changes to the website coding have been made, and The Sandwich Shop Ninja website is now fully integrated with the CMExpress system that the majority of my website runs on. There are a few things missing that require more changes in CMEx before they can be reimplemented, but those are very minor. The RSS feeds now decode properly, and this should be the last time everything since 2004 is marked "new" in Google Reader.

The next news entry will be an update on the next TSSN episode's progress, though the blog will keep updating on a more frequent basis.