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Time-Lapse Video: 5 Miles-per-SecondPosted by Markham at 1:25am, 9/25/2008 (EDT)
Time-Lapse Video:  5 Miles-per-SecondFile Size: 9.49mb

I've reconsidered the current need for large file uploads. I'll figure that out after the rest of the site is working off the new website system I'm programming. For now I'll just be using a workaround for uploading the occasional file larger than 8 megabytes.

This is a time-lapse video of part of my trip from California to Utah, compiled from 2036 pictures from a digital camera mounted on the passenger-side sun visor of my car. It isn't the entire trip, since my camera's batteries kept dieing and the camera's power jack input doesn't seem to work at all. Batteries are a pain to change when the battery compartment is covered by one of the zip ties holding the camera in place.

The next time I try this I will be mounting my tripod to a part of the car and sticking the camera on that. I don't know why I didn't think of it the first time through. Also, I'll need more batteries.

September updatePosted by Markham at 9:21pm, 9/14/2008 (EDT)

I've moved back to Utah and school has started up again. The apartment's internet has started working, which is good. Aside from school, I've been working on a freelancing project, so I won't have much to post for a few weeks. I have a few things, but I made a few major changes to my website's coding and I have yet to find what sorts of bugs that has sprung up. I've already fixed enough so that all the old stuff still works, it's just adding new content like this post that will be affected by the changes.

Pilatus: Mountain of DragonsPosted by Markham at 2:15am, 8/4/2008 (EDT)
Pilatus: Mountain of DragonsFile Size: 115.7kb

This is a 1-hour speed paint done in Photoshop inspired by Steven Reineke's "Pilatus: Mountain of Dragons." I don't have as much experience using Photoshop as I'd like to have.

Here is a time-lapse video of the image being created.

Sketch Book Collage - JunePosted by Markham at 3:27am, 7/11/2008 (EDT)
Sketch Book Collage - JuneFile Size: 1.04mb

Some of the better drawings from my sketchbook from last month. Most are from a weekly drawing session in Sacramento that I have been going to.

Corporate Logo DesignPosted by Markham at 3:20am, 7/11/2008 (EDT)
Corporate Logo DesignFile Size: 46.18kb

This was from a project at the web design firm I was working at.

Intro to Animation: Final ProjectPosted by Markham at 1:43am, 4/17/2008 (EDT)
Intro to Animation: Final ProjectFile Size: 948.61kb

My final project for my Intro. to Animation class in its infinite-looping glory! The character is Cosmo, the school's mascot.

Time lapse Video 1Posted by Markham at 3:11pm, 4/14/2008 (EDT)
Time lapse Video 1File Size: 1.29mb

Time lapse video taken with my digital camera and a home-made intervalometer.

Time lapse Video 2Posted by Markham at 2:55am, 4/14/2008 (EDT)
Time lapse Video 2File Size: 307.97kb

Time lapse video taken with my digital camera and a home-made intervalometer.

A Jumping Flour SackPosted by Markham at 3:07pm, 4/5/2008 (EDT)
A Jumping Flour SackFile Size: 8.64mb

A jumping flour sack pencil test from my Intro. to Animation class. I used this one in the portfolio I submitted in my application for the animation program at the university I go to.

March UpdatePosted by Markham at 6:05pm, 3/12/2008 (EDT)

I guess the least I can do is upload a few sketches on occasion. I have to get my portfolio presentable for my application to get into the animation program before the 1st of April. The competition is intense, as there are, on average, 200 people applying for a program that only accepts 25 each year.

Best search engine queries of Feburary:

  • futuristic things - I keep getting this one at least once every few months. Clearly this site needs more futuristic things, and that will be resolved some time in the future.
  • games you step on - what?

I found an interesting competition running on one of the sites I check out every now and then. Basically you take a random name from a generator and create a game based on that. There are no prizes, but seeing the wacky ideas and concepts that everyone comes up with is worth it. I got the randomized video game title "Galactic Kangaroo Fiasco." I'm not sure how far I'll get in programming this before the competition is over, but I'll probably work on it off-and-on throughout the year. The world will see the Galactic Kangaroo Fiasco and learn to fear the creatures of down under. Even when I get free time, the next episode of The Sandwich Shop Ninja will have a higher priority. I seriously need to get that thing done. Here's a brief story concept:

Galactic Kangaroo Fiasco

"You return to your home planet Austrialeraan of the Down Underian System for a barbie with your mates, only to find your home planet in ruins! Mad as a cut snake, you grab your trusty boomer- ang, head out of your ship, and begin your search for the fruit loop responsible. You gaze into the great expanse of the outback and pause as a mob of roo's stare right back at you. They know something you don't..."

Day of the Ninja WallpaperPosted by Markham at 2:00am, 1/13/2008 (EST)
Day of the Ninja WallpaperFile Size: 1.17mb

...and here is the wallpaper that I tried to finish by the 5th of December, but lost due to a program crash. Or, maybe the Sandwich Shop Ninja, being a ninja by nature, knew that nobody would be expect this to appear today? Probably. Ninjas are sneaky like that.

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Gautama BuzzPosted by Markham at 5:09am, 12/25/2007 (EST)
Gautama BuzzFile Size: 344.2kb

A Christmas gift for my father: a caricature of his cat, Buzz.