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Peregrine FalconPosted by Markham at 3:31am, 11/10/2007 (EST)
Peregrine FalconFile Size: 983.04kb

Jet-propelled biplanes would be awesome.

Plotting CoyotePosted by Markham at 11:23pm, 10/28/2007 (EDT)
Plotting CoyoteFile Size: 214.5kb

Another Illustration class project.

Coyote, the trickster, is plotting to steal some fire from the fire spirits and give it to the humans. To do so, coyote needs to convince a few other animals to help him out.

Sociology of Ninjas and PiratesPosted by Markham at 12:32am, 10/12/2007 (EDT)
Sociology of Ninjas and PiratesFile Size: 150.8kb

An animation I made to go with an oral presentation I did for a sociology class in 2007.

Worms Armageddon Map Pack 1Posted by Markham at 11:22pm, 6/20/2007 (EDT)
Worms Armageddon Map Pack 1File Size: 184.1kb

3 custom maps for Worms Armageddon. Two are TSSN themed, and the third is the old logo. I made these a few years ago, but never uploaded them here. Now that I have a working downloads section, I can.

Perspective DrawingPosted by Markham at 1:51am, 5/22/2007 (EDT)
Perspective DrawingFile Size: 171.81kb

A perspective drawing of a room and some boxes. I had to edit the picture taken from a digital camera, so the shadows are a lot stronger than they really should be.

Boxes and LightPosted by Markham at 1:18am, 5/22/2007 (EDT)
Boxes and LightFile Size: 263.61kb

Still life of some boxes. I got bored, so I drew the lamp that was over them.

Boxes and BottlesPosted by Markham at 1:16am, 5/22/2007 (EDT)
Boxes and BottlesFile Size: 136.22kb

Still life of some boxes and bottles.

The Line has Been AssasinatedPosted by Markham at 12:38am, 2/19/2007 (EST)

It's been a while since any updates. School has taken up a lot of my time, and when I'm not at school (or doing homework), I've been working on the next episode of The Sandwich Shop Ninja. It has to be done enough to submit to the animation festival at my school by the 6th of April, so expect to see it released some time mid-to-late April.

Since I need to do a lot to get this finished in 7 weeks, I will be heavily limiting my Internet time until it's released. After this update, expect there to only be two more updates until the new toon is released. One will be a poll concerning a future TSSN shirt, and the other is a short animation that I already have done - I'm waiting on the update of another website to upload it here.

Happy New Year!Posted by Markham at 3:30am, 1/1/2007 (EST)

Well, another year has come and gone. For the start of this year, the website has taken on a new look! Not only has the navigation been made easier to use, the Games section now has a proper page! The Gallery page seems to have exploded for some reason, but that will be fixed today after I get some sleep. The blank bars will remain empty until I create enough content to put stuff on them. There is a plan for them, but they'll remain empty for now.

TSSN Short: Customer SupportPosted by Markham at 6:32pm, 12/5/2006 (EST)
TSSN Short: Customer SupportFile Size: 750.12kb

It's December 5th! Happy Day of the Ninja!

The Sandwich Shop Ninja deals with many customers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not all customers are pleasant to be around.

More Day of the Ninja info.

Upcoming EventsPosted by Markham at 7:45pm, 12/2/2006 (EST)

This upcoming Tuesday is the annual Day of the Ninja! To celebrate, there will be a new (but very short) Sandwich Shop Ninja toon being released that evening!

Down to the Village with a Boom-Stick in His HandPosted by Markham at 11:57pm, 11/30/2006 (EST)
Down to the Village with a Boom-Stick in His HandFile Size: 140.45kb

Down to the village
With a boom-stick in his hand
Running here and there all around the square
Saying 'Catch me if you can!'