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The FuturePosted by Markham at 12:55am, 3/16/2016 (EDT)

It's been well over a year since I've last posted anything to this website. I've recently been thinking about the direction I want to take this site, what purpose I want it to serve, and what to keep from it. The next few weeks I plan on making some big changes to the website.

First, I will be going through all that I have on this site, and remove a lot of old stuff that don't really add anything. This will require me actually finishing the code to delete things through my website instead of having to manually go through the ftp and SQL database and deleting things through there.

The biggest one will be a complete re-branding. I came up with "BoogaTech" in grade school, fantasizing about creating a video game company. I would stick with "BoogaTech" if I had gone in that direction, but it only fits the programming and webdesign aspects that I have no interest in pursuing beyond my own personal projects. I really want to develop interesting characters and stories and tell them through whatever means I see fit, be it animation, comics, games, and so forth. With this variety of different mediums in mind, I have decided to go with "Markhamedia."

I will also be going through the side websites and figure out what I want to have there. The only one currently somewhat up-to-date is my portfolio website, and I want to add some additional ones that focus around some of my personal projects, like Wanjuro and Goatfrey, and some of my other projects currently on hiatus, such as Bridges of the Mertynn.

Goatfrey Character Design Model SheetPosted by Markham at 7:23pm, 10/16/2014 (EDT)
Goatfrey Character Design Model SheetFile Size: 315.83kb

The final 2d character design for Goatfrey, along with some expression sketches.

Wanjuro and GoatfreyPosted by Markham at 9:39pm, 10/14/2014 (EDT)
Wanjuro and GoatfreyFile Size: 499.87kb

Concept art for a short film idea.

Flower GirlPosted by Markham at 9:08pm, 10/14/2014 (EDT)
Flower Girl

The story of a girl who finds a flower. She loves flowers.

Goatfrey 3D ModelPosted by Markham at 12:25am, 10/11/2014 (EDT)
Goatfrey 3D ModelFile Size: 2.54mb

Goatfrey is a character from a personal project of mine. The goal was to take the unconventional, seemingly 3D-unfriendly, 2D design and figure out how to model him in 3D.

I also figured out how to work Maya 2015's xGen plugin for the fur sim, and stitch together a crude HDR panoramic image that worked well enough to use for lighting.

Test PostPosted by Markham at 2:25am, 10/7/2014 (EDT)

I've made some pretty big changes to CMEx over the last month. The front-end changes are already mostly finished. There's not anything to notice, really. Currently, I am working on the changes I need to make for the administration panel that allows me to post. The fact that this has been posted through it means that huge progress has been made on that part. The state of my blog's layout issues is far below getting my portfolio updated with new content, which requires being able to upload content files again.

-- checked to make sure the editing of posts works
-- making sure things didn't break again

Tumblin' AroundPosted by Markham at 2:54pm, 2/5/2014 (EST)

Yeah, I need to get back to updating this more regularly. This website is also due for another update to the design and layout.

I've been more active on my Tumblr account, though, so for now you can check out my Tumblr Thing.

Figure Drawing SelectionPosted by Markham at 7:12pm, 9/2/2013 (EDT)
Figure Drawing SelectionFile Size: 308.62kb

Figure drawings for my portfolio.

Gesture Drawings - ExaggeratedPosted by Markham at 6:47pm, 9/2/2013 (EDT)
Gesture Drawings - ExaggeratedFile Size: 132.89kb

Gesture drawings from a session where the goal was to exaggerate different parts of the figure, or to confine it to an unusual shape.

Gesture Drawing SelectionPosted by Markham at 6:23pm, 9/2/2013 (EDT)
Gesture Drawing SelectionFile Size: 145.27kb

Gesture drawings for my portfolio.

Figure DrawingsPosted by Markham at 2:59pm, 3/1/2013 (EST)
Figure DrawingsFile Size: 376.58kb

Figure drawing samples for my portfolio.

Sky WeaselPosted by Markham at 2:46pm, 3/1/2013 (EST)
Sky WeaselFile Size: 340.16kb

This was a character concept design for a world-building idea based on a dream I had. The general premise is that this weasel-like race lives on mountain tops, with the valleys filled with thick clouds that predator creatures thrive in, so they must travel to other settlements by air.